WeekEND Gaming (11.2.18) - What are YOU playing?


Le nain de jardin
Jan 8, 2016
Minneapolis, MN
It would be neat if they did a Trauma Center game on the Switch. When I saw the game I thought of you guys (Spigot and Purple Santa) and how you used to talk about it back in the day. Hence why I picked it up. :)

Yeah, apparently. But I guess I got the impression from people that there is more of a single player campaign you can go through. I've never done an MMO, so I don't really know what they're typically like.
The only MMO I've spent more than a few minutes with was Eve Online. I did a one month trial and played it for several hours. I really enjoyed it, but I also realized that if I continued to subscribe to the game I probably wouldn't play much else, so I let it lapse. I'd still like to pick it up again at some point. As for Destiny 2, I grabbed it on Battle.net, so I guess I'll see what all the fuss is about soon. The bf and a good friend of his are pretty into the game and play together on Xbox One.

Ragnarok is the best.
Thor R. is one of the best Marvel movies. I definitely recommend finishing watching that one when you have time.
Yeah, I need to get back to that one. I can't recall why we didn't finish watching it, but it wasn't for lack of interest. We plan on watching it from the beginning on Netflix soon.

Thanks. She is also 27 yrs younger than I am :) I thought you may like that detail for some reason. More lessons for the young perhaps.
I knew she was younger than you, but that number really puts things into perspective. My boyfriend is 5.5 years younger than me. He turns 29 next month. Thank goodness we aren't 27 years apart. o_O
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