Seeking Destiny Partners Level 20+


Canis meus id comedit
Oct 1, 2008
Howdy Colony people,

I've been a member here since close to the beginning.
Due to having quite the packed real life, I don't get to post much.
I do, however, listen to IGC every week via Itunes - keep up the entertainment fellas!

That being said, my friend (co-worker) and I require some assistance.
Despite it's flaws, we enjoy Destiny, but have reached the apex of our abilities without a third member (or, fourth, fifth, and sixth, for that matter).

We are both on Xbone
I am a level 26 Hunter
he is a level 20 Titan.

CplPunishment74 = Me
Pchizzle81 = buddy

Please, if you see us on, team up and drag us through some missions!

hope to see you on!
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