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Sep 25, 2008
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PC Gamer Show

-1st person, co-op take on Factorio

Neo Cabs
- Cel shaded, cyberpunk cab driving/story game

Mavericks Proving Grounds
- up to 1,000 players
- realistic art style
- weather system
- developer Automaton Games
- players leave trails, allowing you to track them

The Forgotten City
- based on a mod for Skyrim
- 1st person puzzle/story game

Stardock Star Control: Origins
- "infinite universe"
- 2d shooter
- strong mod support
- multiplayer
- Sep 20, 2018

Hunt Showdown
- new content

Archangel Hellfire
- added multiplayer
- mech shooter
- July 17

The Sinking City
- open world investigation game
- a Lovecraftian element
- "sanity mechanic"

- "The Sacrifice", coming this week
- continues the story from previous expansions/events

- most of the games they've published the last 5-6 years are coming to PC.
- Shenmue, Yakuza, Bayonetta, Vanquish

Killing Floor 2
- moar circus freaks
- added weapon upgrade system to make more weapons viable in late game
- free weekend this week

Road Redemption
- motorcycle combat with RPG elements

Maneater Game
- you play as the shark
- open world action RPG

Bravery Network Online
- turn based fighter?

- [i have no idea]

- pixel side scrolling shooter/metroidvania

Jurassic World Evolution
- Jeff Goldblum VO
- resource/park management sim

- from Insomniac Games
- VR game

Night Call
- noir-ish black & white art style
- play as a Parisian taxi driver
- visual novel/story game

- Moebius-esque visuals
- story-based explorer

Genesis Alpha One
- sci-fi shooter

Don't Starve: Hamlet
- December 2018

Just Cause 4
- interactive weather systems
- "increased fidelity of destruction"

The Walking Dead shooter
- Nov 8 launch

Telltale Waking Dead final season
- finds secluded school with no adults
- Aug 14

- action roguelike where every pixel is simulated
- sidescroller, destructable,

2 Point Hospital
- basically, Sims hospital
- nice humor. "monobrow infestation"
- launches later this year

Realm Royale

- Double Fine
- cutesy, pastel colored farming game
- part Stardew Valley, part Pokemon

Anno 1880

Rapture Reject
- battle royale game set around The Rapture
- based on Cyanide & Happiness webcomic
- 2d, isometric

Hitman 2

- you can kill with a fish
- Nov 13
- set in and around Miami


As usual, the PCGS highlighted a lot of smaller games. Some of which were very derivative or bland. There were a few standouts. Maneater: The Game, an open world RPG where you play as a shark, looks like a blast. Sable has unique and engrossing visuals in a puzzle-exploration package. There's also Satisfactory, a 1st person, 3D, co-op take on Factorio. Overall, a nice effort from smaller PC-focused devs.


Sep 30, 2008
Toontown, Canuckia
I bit the bullet for everyone and entered the Founder's program for Stardock's Star Control reboot. I can't say much under the NDA, but they're really putting a lot of work into it.

As for everything else, there's some interesting bits there. Count me intrigued.
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