Dork's Music Thread!

Oct 1, 2008
Franklin, TN
As I said in The Lounge, I'm officially a freelance game composer now that I have a commission under my belt. That said, I figured I'd share all my original stuff here as I finish it so you guys can enjoy! If you want to commission something from me, feel free to hit me up via PM.

Here's all my original music so far:

As for commission prices, here's a deal that only applies to the wonderful people here on CoG: if it's just a plain old piano cover of something (nothing too wild or long, so sorry, no One-Winged Angel covers), it's $5 straight (unless you want to make a donation to the "feed the starving freelance musician" fund, in which case feel free to pay however much more you like :cool:). If it's an orchestral piece, it's $10. All payments via paypal.
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