Cereal conundrum

You grab some cereal and go to add milk but discover the dispenser is empty...

  • I put water in the cereal

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  • I put soda in the cereal

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Purple Santa

keeper of the day and end
Oct 1, 2008
The CoG archives
I am more amazed that he can sustain himself on cereal and donuts and maintain his lithe figure.
Well he does play basketball to keep his figure.
No, that's ok. I think I do all right, though. I only use chocolate milk when the normal milk is gone, which is rare.
Well I remained concerned if you eat that much cereal too :)

Young Al Capone

Part of the problem
Oct 1, 2008
Special K + Chocolate milk sounds like the name of a soundcloud rapper's mixtape.

Or maybe it would be like dividing by zero, and just cancel out. I picture you pouring the chocolate milk first, cause you are a heathen, then as you add the cereal it all just vanishes.
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