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Divinity Original Sin 2

So, just started this up on this fine canadian thanksgiving and I gotta say the opening sequence head above better than dos1. The amount of choice, characters, lore is so much more plentiful. A few things stand out for sure like elves can consume flesh and learn the powers/memories of those they consume so plenty of rp value there. You can be undead versions of any race and have the ability to assume their form and special abilities. The third thing is they have a variety of full on characters that have special dialogue and quests specifically for them with special abilities.

I'm only about an hour in but this is so much more faster paced than the first game's opening sequence of solve jakes murder which was pretty mundane. This is a bit more fast paced and I'm enjoying it immensely.
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I enjoyed D:OS1 but it never quite hooked me the way I was hoping it would... I just reached the final act of D:OS2 this morning and I'll likely be finishing it up this week and I'll be starting a new game with a friend to go through it all again Co-Op.

As of now, D:OS2 is my RPG of the year, PC game of the year and possibly overall game of the year. I haven't touched or even thought about Destiny 2 since the morning this hit retail.
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Yeah, it's better than the first in every way possible and a ton of fun. I vented a bit about some frustrations with the final boss fight in the weekEND thread but even with those issues it's still in the top two for me personally this year.
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I liked the first but it was a slog at times. The final battle took me around 2 hours.

Hearing nothing but good things about the sequel. Just got to drag myself away from Total War Warhammer 2 long enough to play...

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