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Season 11, Episode 34

Weíre STILL doing that PAX thing at the following link.

Iím not sure, but I think if you picked any other weekend previously this year to not do a show, weíd have come back and not had so much to talk about. But with PAX happening AND that little game from Bungie getting released, well...it was packed. And we didnít even get to the Bungie part.

PAX pretty much DOMINATES the conversation to this episode and will probably have a chunk of it next week as well as I get more thoughts together and remember other games I checked out just walking through the expo hall. If you ever go to any of the PAX conventions there is at least one area just overflowing with games for everyone. And I mean that in the sense that youíll find at least one or more games that suit whatever kind of player you may be. The Indie Mega Booth is the heart and soul of the show floor of PAX. You want originality, itís there. You want passionate developers ready to show you their game and talk about their game, itís there. You want short lines to play, itís there. Thatís the thing about the IMB that stands out from the big publishers elsewhere on the show floor. I have no doubt the people who created the triple A titles being shown are passionate about what they worked on and would talk to you about it, but those are made by a LOT of people on all aspects of one game. Compare that to the IMB and youíve got games made by 2 to 10 people on a small budget but who make the best with what theyíve got. I want to be clear, Iím not saying any one developer/game is better than the other - triple A or otherwise, but the access you get with the IMB is leaps and bounds above what youíll get at the other places.

Put the time in with the bigger titles, thatís fine, but Iím almost certain youíll find yourself going back again and again to the Indie Mega Booth and, in some cases, dragging along your friends to show off a great game you found there. Itís a wonderful place. And itís the best thing about PAX on the show floor, next, of course, to all of your friends being in one place playing games.
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