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In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 41

Weíre not all there at the following link.

The day has finally come and gone. This past Friday saw the release of a bunch of things. New iPhone pre-orders started, Stranger Things 2 arrived, and in gaming we saw the release of 3 VERY big titles. You could include this past week in that mix just to throw in Destiny 2ís release on PC but Friday itself saw the release of Assassinís Creed Origins, Wolfenstein 2, and Super Mario Odyssey. This is capping off a month of pretty high profile releases of Shadow Of War, Evil Within 2, South Park, Cuphead, and probably more. My point being is that we have A LOT to play.

And I havenít played nearly ANY of it. Iíve put just a few hours into Destiny 2 on PC. Just a few hours into South Park. And now, writing this, Iíve spent a tiny, very TINY, bit of time with Mario. The best part of all of this is that even with those short amounts of time, things look promising for everything Iíve played - which is kind of new for me. Normally it takes a while to build a backlog this good, but this isnít even considered a backlog with how recent these games are. These are back to back to back good games being released. While I wasnít hopeful for what was to come after, I donít need to be. These titles already will keep me busy for the rest of the year on into the next. Iím set. Weíre good. This is one of the happiest times Iíve been for a fall release schedule.

Everything is awesome.
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Is real mystery for sure.
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Except the podcast rss :P. New ep isn't showing up in itunes.
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in-game chat

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