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Blizzard Branching Out Into Arenas Now

Blizzard will be opening what may be the first esport-centric arena in North America next month. The Blizzard Arena Los Angeles opens a month from today in the building that housed the Tonight Show for more than 40 years. The first event will be the Overwatch Contenders Season One playoffs, with events scheduled through the rest of the year for Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and WoW. The facility will also house retail shops selling Blizzard merch.

While those other games will have a regular presence at 'The Blizz', the core attraction seems to be pro league Overwatch, with two of the league's nine teams based in LA. The first season of the league will be played entirely at the Blizzard Arena.

Source - Venture Beat
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Huh. Big step for esports.

Is the eventual AMD arena gonna catch on fire?
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so how big and how many lux boxes an what would be the theortical top turn out for a live event 5k-10k ? or shoot for the stars at have like 18k arena
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