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In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 43

Iíve been stuck in a Destiny rut for awhile now. Iíve got other games, but I canít seem to tear myself away from Destiny that I now own and play on TWO different platforms. This is something I wouldnít mind so much if theyíd just let us cross save between the two so my progression could carry over system to system.

Anyway, before I get stuck in another rut for WRITING about playing Destiny so much, I actually broke away this week to play a few more games. I only just started into one of those games so Iíll talk about it later, but just before the show I had an hour to spare and brought my Switch to the studio. I played a bit of Mario Odyssey and Iíd already put some time into it, but this session took me back to my time with Civ games. I know thatís an odd comparison so let me explain: In the Civilization series the whole thing is about ďone more turnĒ. Youíll just take one more turn and then youíll go do that thing you have to do or go to bed or whatever, but youíll stop playing after ďone more turnĒ. You never do. One more turns into like ten more and so on and suddenly what only felt like an hour to your mind actually means three hours have passed. This is true with Super Mario Odyssey and the phrase becomes ďone more moonĒ. Youíll collect a moon and then see the other one in another part of the map and think youíll grab it and be done, but you wonít. Just one more moon is right there in sight for you to go get. I started my session an hour before the show started and didnít look up until 45 minutes later wondering where the time had gone and where my co-hosts were - they were downstairs waiting for me to let them in. They had been for the past 15 minutes. Iíd missed their texts I was so engaged. This game has a grip, folks.

The other game I played came after the show. I put more time into South Park and actually made some good progress in the game. It doesnít have a grip like Mario Odyssey but thatís the appeal. Itís something I know I can play and not get sucked into. I can quit it anytime I need to. That isnít to say Iím not having fun, but it doesnít have that pull on me like Mario does. Like I said, not a bad thing. Sometimes itís good to have a game to go to just to kill time rather than stealing time.
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