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Mot Wakorb 01-11-2018 10:09 PM

CoG Beta is back!
The CoG beta is back up and running!

Hello folks - if you could please test again, I'd greatly appreciate it. Just want to be sure everything is working at this point. I believe I have a successful upgrade path now, user testing is the last step to knowing.

Things I need tested:
  • Editing Signatures
  • Editing your profile
  • Editing posts
  • Creating/Deleting Posts
  • PMing Users

If you have any issues, please post in the Beta Test Forum here with the title beginning with [BUG] please.

Thank you, we're finally close to migration!

fitbabits 01-14-2018 03:56 PM



PathMaster 01-15-2018 09:46 PM

I am able to log in. Anything in particular you want us to test?

rein 01-17-2018 08:55 AM

Looking good so far.

jpublic 01-17-2018 09:08 AM

Avatars - if you upload a custom avatar, but don't like the way it looks in the dialogue window, there's no way to revert or cancel changes in the dialogue I can tell. You can only go to 'no avatar'

Post Editing/Deletion - I don't see any option to delete a thread I've created. I don't know if that's intentional. Reply deletion works fine.

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