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Psykoboy2 12-31-2017 11:24 AM

In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 48

We canít thank you enough at the following link.

Welcome to the end of our 11th season. Welcome to the end of 2017. This year saw us do less episodes than any previous year since weíve been back on the radio. Only 48. Mainly because of the two recent breaks we decided to take in order to push back our 500th episode.

Speaking of that, itís coming up on January 20th. For those of you keeping score that this is episode 498, youíll notice weíre missing a week there. Thatís because Iíll be in San Antonio the weekend after next for PAX South. Then, when I return, weíll have our big five oh oh celebration.

Doing 48 episodes in a year when you only do one episode per week is nothing to sneeze at. Doing 498 episodes when you only do one per week is also nothing to sneeze at. Weíre grateful to have been doing this as long as youíve let us, and thatís the part that means the most. You let us do this. You keep coming back and calling and showing up in the chat room and emailing us and downloading. We keep doing this because you keep doing that. And even more, itís the random people Iíll meet out and about or who call to other shows Iím on and mention this one - it makes you realize thereís way more people out there who may not do all the things I mentioned above but still listen and enjoy the show.

We hope this year was good to you. We hope next year is even better for you.

As always, thank you for listeningÖ.for 11 years going now.

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