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Psykoboy2 10-03-2017 08:06 AM

In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 37

Weíre making Matt do all the work at the following link.

We donít normally play games during the show and thereís a very good reason for that. The best example I can give you is the last hour of this show when we broke out the SNES Classic and Matt played it for the entire hour. Meanwhile, I pretty much just gave commentary or let the folks on the phone speak while I watched and gave snarky comments to Matt while he got his bearings playing StarFox so he could unlock StarFox 2 for me.

This past week saw the release of Cuphead along with a few other high profile titles and October (especially near the end) has a ton as well. And here I am, mostly likely not going to play even half of them. Most of these releases will see price cuts not long after the release with Black Friday and the holidays on the horizon. Iíll be there for Destiny 2 and Mario Odyssey. They both release on the same day so itíll be interesting to see which one I stick with more (Iím guessing Mario).

Nintendo doesnít really do deals and price cuts like we see with games like Assassinís Creed and Shadow Of War/Mordor. And Destiny 2 for PC is something I want to be with on the ground floor if only to get more game time in with my PC friends who might be experiencing the game for the first time. Plus, that 1440p, unlocked framerate, and mouse/keyboard shooting is eye opening compared to how many years Iíve been playing this game on consoles.

Hopefully that keeps me busy for a few months since I donít see ANYTHING coming after October 27th...for me, anyway.

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