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Psykoboy2 08-22-2017 08:26 AM

In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 32

Weíre not familiar enough with card games to make a witty line here at the following link.

Iíve never gotten into the card game racket. Cards, yes. But card games, never. I should also say that Iíve never actually given them a try, either, so thereís that. Outside of a standard deck of 52 playing cards, collectible cards were never a game for me growing up. They were exactly what they implied in their name - collectible. Maybe they were Pokemon in a way, where you had to get a whole set and it was random to do so. You just buy packs and packs and over time amass a collection of cards that eventually could be made into a full set for whatever series was out that year. Also complete with your special cards of foil or whatever thing set it apart from the standard cards. Also, Iím not talking baseball, here. This is going WAY back to the days of GarbagePail Kids, MARVEL series, and things like that. I still have them somewhere here in the house but yeah - these were never made into a game.

I grew up to see the evolution of collectible cards turning into a game though with Magic. It never hooked me but I also never gave it any time to do so. I looked at the cards and would watch people play from time to time but I didnít really know what was going on and it never set its claws into me to begin with. I never bit. On any of the card games that eventually arose from Magicís success - and it was a massive success. I really felt like Iíd missed the boat a lot of the times but again...the interest was never there. Thereís been card games now based on plenty of different properties and some of which should totally pull me in, but nope. Still nothing.

Iím not saying it wonít ever happen for me. Iím completely open to trying to let these things set root inside my interest, but so far they havenít. Eventually maybe something will come along and do it or Iíll experience the right play setting and itíll all snap in, but for now, Iím totally fine watching others and wondering what Iím missing.

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