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Psykoboy2 08-01-2017 08:54 AM

In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 29

Weíre tuning up the band at the following link.

In two weeks, my two co-hosts of the show will be off enjoying the very first (I think) local comic/sci-fi/etc con here in town. In fact, a lot of people will. Even myself, but while Iíll be there as just someone enjoying it, they actually have responsibilities for it and wonít be able to make the show. Iím not one to skip shows for many reasons. Hell, we used to keep going even when I made my trips or was stuck in a hospital. It was seriously something we didnít miss for any reason if we could help it. And given weíre already going to miss a show later in the month while Iím at PAX, I didnít want to miss another one so soon before. So, whatís a host to do when theyíve got no one to talk to for two hours?

Music Show!! Weíve been wanting to do something like this annually but havenít done it since going all the way back to September 7th, 2013. Iíve gotten the ball rolling with some interview request to composers, but weíre also going to need your help. Got a favorite track? Send us an email with it along with a short explanation of WHY itís your favorite. No idea how this will line up as far as timing with whatever guests we may get so letís limit it to one submission per person for now.

Keep an eye on us on twitter as we announce there who weíll be having on the show.

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