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Comics and Politics

I wish there were separate forums for comics and politics. Movies and TV probably make sense to combine, but comics are, I think, sufficiently distinct to support their own sub-heading. Right now it's kind of a pain to try to find comics discussions.

Also, no politics thread? Hey wha happen?
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I would love a comic forum too, but it seems that the comic discussion here is pretty sparse, imo. That, and a lot of the comic news revolves around movie news.

Again, would love it, but I can see it making little sense. Maybe we should make sure to tag threads properly in the forum? ie, tv, comic, movie, book when a new thread is posted? Can the current mods add tags to old posts help with that? I need to see if I can add tags to my old threads in edits. Hmmmm.....
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Fair enough.
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Frankly, I think the Comic discussions will be contained within the Weekly Comic Reviews thread. If discussion dictates otherwise, I'm sure we can accommodate this request in the future.

As for Politics? We're keeping it mixed in the Lounge for now. Mods are currently discussing the situation.

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I don't think that comic discussions will be so pervasive that they will need their own forum.
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