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Exclamation 60gb Xbox 360 $250

From Gizmodo:

If you've been looking to pick up a new Xbox 360 for the price of a Wii, this deal over at Dell is the way to go. Normally $300, put in promo code '7V2DJL$PD6NGWZ' at checkout and score a 60GB Xbox 360 Pro for $250. Put in promo code 'NP?CKPRH$KTWLL' and you will score a 120GB Xbox 360 Elite for $350. Both offers include free shipping and are good through October 6th. So cough up the cash and just buy one already, Mr. Cheapo.
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Shit. If I had the cash, I'd do it just to replace my POS. Ah well.
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Kinda makes me ponder buying a second console
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I'm thinking about picking this up on the condition I can get at least $200 for my current 360 on Craigslist (it's only 3 months old) I got it just over a month before the announcement of the 60GB version which pretty much sucks. If would have waited 3 days to pick it up I would have been able to return it in exchange for the 60GB version.

Any way I have a quick question;
I have a 4gb USB flash drive, would I be able to back up all my save data onto it then successfully transfer it to the new 360 or would I have to use an official memory card?
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