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Thx for the scarf, Sadie!
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[Episode 74] The 2014 IMmies!

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

2014 was a weird year. There were definitely parts that were not super great. Or even kinda great. There were parts that were downright shitty. But as we draw December to a close and look forward to 2015, it certainly hasnít been all bad. Before itís over, letís spend some time talking about the year that was.

Almost everybodyís here for this one Ė Steve had to sit out, but Iím thrilled to be able to welcome James back to close out 2014. Per usual, the IMmies has no set format, and despite the name weíre not giving out awards. But there were some trends this year that deserved attention, and we dive into those within. Weíll talk about the never-ending onslaught of open-world games with progression mechanics, and the never-ending onslaught of Kickstarter releases (and, to a lesser extent, Early Access ones), and the never-ending onslaught of broken shit from Ubisoft. Lots of never-ending onslaughts, basically. Oh, and one never-ending onslaught that did end (whereíd you go, digboxers?).

Some links of interest from the discussion: Space Engineers; DCS World Downloadable Modules (also on Steam, and you might enjoy this video showing off the MIG-21); the new Kingís Quest trailer from the Game Awards.

We still didnít talk about Steam Broadcasting. And I realized as soon as we disconnected that we didnít even mention Transistor, which is crazy because Bastion was one of my favorite games ever. Maybe weíll delve into why next time.

For now, sit back and get cozy with a glass of something nice, and letís bid a fond(?) farewell to the year with The 2014 IMmies!

Hosted and Summarized by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are James [Vigil80], Robert [Trebor] and Clayton [Voodoo]
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

(Have you followed our Twitter feed? Thatís a thing you could do.)

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1:12.00- You can blame me James for saying how excited I was for that game.
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So now we're positing that the deliberate stagnation of technology is a good thing? Hardware makers should just stop making new shit why, exactly? Because you're too cheap to buy a new card every few years?
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Thx for the scarf, Sadie!
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In addition to Space Engineers, it appears Subnautica (by the guys who made Natural Selection, of all things) is a rather sweet looking digboxer that might actually come out for reals.

And apparently Rust now has a whole new codebase, and I don't know if that means it's more or less likely to ever be done. It's certainly prettier now.

Long live the digboxer.
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