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In-Game Chat Welcomes: Energy Hook

More than most of you probably remember the Spider-Man 2 video game from WAY back when (2004). The biggest take away from that game was the web swinging. A mechanic that every Spider-Man game since then has tried to live up to, but have either fallen way off the mark or just not quite nailed it.

Well, the guy responsible for that gameplay is Jamie Fristrom and he's decided to take that concept and make another game out of it called Energy Hook (links to the Kickstarter page for the game) from Happion Labs. Jamie will be joining us on this weekend's episode of In-Game Chat and if you have any questions or comments, you can leave them in this thread, send us an email, tweet, or post the questions to our Facebook page. You can also join us in the chat room live during the broadcast to ask your questions.
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Sad that I couldn't be around for the live recording on this one, but I'll eagerly await the recorded episode.

I really, really want them to hit their $60,000 stretch goal. I don't know why having ragdoll physics in Energy Hook sounds so appealing to me, but it does.

At this point they're still on target to hit that goal, but the campaign momentum has been slipping. I hope they can revitalize it soon. In the first couple of days they were trending to hit over $100K, now they're trending to about $67K.
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