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100% Death Proof
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Thumbs up Music: GNR & White Zombie

I was in Best Buy and saw that Chinese Democracy came out today. Anyone get this? And if so, how is it?

Also, just as a head's up (if you didn't know), the White Zombie boxset Let Sleeping Corpses Lie comes out tomorrow. I think it's got four CDs and a DVD, so if you're a fan of WZ check it out. I'll probably be picking this up myself.
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Dark Acre Jack
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I bought Chinese Democracy as soon as it came out this morning on iTunes and it's been on loop ever since.

Is it good? I like it, because it sounds like 10 years of well-constructed guitar on top of just the right balance of near-prog rhythm, and Axl sounds EXACTLY as he did at the end of "Use Your Illusion".

Oh, and the lyrics are very interpretive, so I have a feeling that most of the people that listen to them will come to different conclusions about what Axl's trying to say, which I think is pretty much the ideal when songwriting ("Stairway to Heaven", or any songs by Nirvana).

I spent 10 bucks for it, a dollar a year for Axl's hard work, not sure if I'd have spent more though. But could be I'm just a cheap bastard.
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The Dude abides.
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I might buy Chinese Democracy and just keep it in the plastic, and then tell stories about it to future generations.
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I like it....catcher in the rye is cool....as well this I love....actually found myself humming the last one...

I was a huge fan when they before they dissappeared until now.

I'm impressed.
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Well...it is the top album on iTunes right now...I will have to see how I feel about this.

Listening to the previews...I'm torn...Previews don't really let me hear enough...but $9.99 for 10 songs isn't a bad deal...I do love my old Guns 'N Roses stuff...

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