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Well, yes and no... Some of this stuff wasn't a matter of "We didn't have time to make this feature at launch," it was just something that people didn't anticipate. These days you can take a look at what WoW is like now, and design your game with many of the same fundamental ideas from the start; you don't have to make the same mistakes Blizzard made, or innovate the same ideas they have already come up with, you just have to follow the path they laid down.

Some things that ToR didn't copy are mind-boggling. The LFG system needs to exist in every MMO that comes out from now on, no fucking exceptions. It's too important, it makes the game about a hundred times better, and frankly it just can't be too hard to make. On the other hand, it is understandable that they wouldn't have the same amount of content; they don't need it, it takes time for people to plow through content.
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Originally Posted by bean View Post
I never said his subjective opinion is wrong. I said his opinion is repetitive (in the SWTOR thread he has made literally over ten posts that say this same thing and had twice that many replies from people who disagree with him) and it's off topic. How did you manage to misunderstand that?

If you think I have a problem with people having other opinions than me, then you're wrong. My problem is that Deadend can't seem to stop repeating the same negative opinion over and over and over and over and over and over. . . and I'm not overstating that. He's a really boring broken record.

The content of his broken record isn't the point. The fact that he can't stop repeating himself even when it's off topic is the point.
Man, get off my back.

I played a fuckload of TOR, I don't want to talk about how much exactly or when exactly but I feel it's safe to say I put in at least a hundred hours on my agent, probably closer to 150, then did it again a few more times. I saw near level cap stuff, I can run hutta blindfolded, I can do DK nearly the same, I knew my fucking shit, and that took time , so again, this isn't coming from an outsider perspective, I have played the fuck out of it.

I think my last post in that thread was in early January as well?
It's a game that is just like all the other games in the genre, it is well executed, but it lacks the magic spark.

I really do want to see the sloppy but good W40k game, as part of me loves those scrappy underdog games, but no company can release that as a retail MMO. The biggest bummer, I really do think that they weren't going to make a cookie-cutter MMO, maybe it could have been one that caused a paradigm shift.
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Originally Posted by Deadend View Post
I played a fuckload of TOR, I don't want to talk about how much exactly or when exactly but I feel it's safe to say I put in at least a hundred hours on my agent. . .
I didn't say you never played TOR. I said that you were constantly repeating yourself over and over and over with the same negative opinion. You've heard every response to it, and you're repeating yourself even when it's off topic. For whatever reason, your brain can't stop repeating this same complaint even when you are way off topic. Feel free to never play SWTOR again if you don't like it, I'm just tired of reading the same post from you.
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