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Syndicate (2012)

It's out.
I'm playing it.
It's got a pretty damn awesome campaign, the story can be seen coming a mile away, it's still very well done. The game also seems like the campaign in structured for replays with the way the powers work.

Seriously, they make shit more fun, as they add an extra layer of strategy onto things. Plus the single player is FAST, Kilo hauls his cybernetic ass around at warp speed and the auto aim is based around the idea that the challenge isn't shooting A dude, it's about shooting all the dudes, avoiding the grenades, making that guy into an alley, disabling the anti-powers dude, bringing down the shields on the other guy, and using bullet time to regen health while running.

co-op is also pretty good, it's similar to the Mass Effect 3 co-op, in terms of advancement, but as there is no set class, just custom loadouts, that get a bit ridiculous and many of them are cumulative, there is a huge power gap between a lv1 character and high level characters, but good missions, mostly about getting in.. and getting out. They also use some unique assets that I haven't seen in the campaign yet, so props to them.
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I was watching them play this on GiantBomb today. Honestly, the coolest idea/thing I saw was the idea of a red-dot sight, offset 45 degrees on the side of long range weapons (sniper rifles and ARs) for use mid-range.

It was one of those 'why has no one thought of this, forehead slapping' ideas the first time you see it.
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I ended up renting this today, and I have to say that I was disappointed with the single player. Ended up beating the game in a single sitting of about 4 and a half hours on normal. I usually playthrough games that I rent on hard but the reason that I rented it wasn't to play the singleplayer but to play the co-op. On that note, the game is awesome and a lot of fun when playing with 3 other people.

Only real complaint I have about the game so far, besides the too short story, is that the game is prone to hard-locking Xboxes. This was evident in the demo but I figured that the demo was using older code than what would be on the disc and that that problem would have been ironed out. The first time I hard-locked I was just sitting in the multiplayer menu doing nothing. I did notice that once I uninstalled the game I only locked-up once whereas when it was installed I locked-up at least once an hour. Can't say that that is the true problem but YMMV. I did see on the Starbreeze forums that it might have something to do with party chat, but I won't know until I test it out.
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The story is said to suck and the campaign last a few hours. Bleh, there goes their sale.
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But does it really feel like Syndicate? Deus Ex HR I wad okay with because it turned out good and was a worthy entry into the franchise. Does this game feel like the other game with just a change of perspective?

If they get it in Redbox I will beat it for $2 because it is so short but I wish it had stayed a bit closer to the roots instead of going FPS like every other game.

Next we'll see if XCom feels true to its roots...though I doubt it.

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But there will be a real Xcom game...from Firaxis.

Also, almost a new Syndicate game, kinda...from paradox
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Got it. Thanks.
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I mainly play games for SP and co-op, so I may be interested in this, if the co-op makes up for the short SP, but i think it'll be a sale.
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Watched the giantbomb quick look and now I'm really interested.
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Originally Posted by Kelegacy View Post
But does it really feel like Syndicate? Deus Ex HR I wad okay with because it turned out good and was a worthy entry into the franchise. Does this game feel like the other game with just a change of perspective?
I don't think it's possible for it to, and I haven't seen any reviews indicate that it does. It keeps some of the flavor, apparently, but I'd say "inspired by Syndicate" is probably more accurate than "this is more of the Syndicate you remember."

I mean, it's a first person shooter in which you control a single character primarily concerned with accurately aiming at dudes, as opposed to a top-down fast paced strategy game in which you're giving orders to subordinates and trying to orchestrate chaos strategically. I don't see how they can be all that alike.

I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, and I'm actually really tempted to pick it up based on what I've heard about the combat. But no, it's probably not going to "feel like the other game."
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So I just finished this, and I enjoyed it. I picked it up for under 29USD and don't regret it though I have yet to dive into the co-op. The gunplay and hacking is fun but the story was a tad short and I felt a missed opportunity. It could have gone down a far more interesting route than the typical 'protagonist fights for the bad guys finds out they did him wrong turns against them.'

Any idea how it did in sales? Not a great metacritic score. But I wouldn't mind a sequel.
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anyone have the PS3 version and it wont load? every other game i have works but Syndicate wont load
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