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The Iron Weasel
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Building a new PC, looking for advice.

My current PC is beginning to kick the bucket so I am looking into choosing a new motherboard, cpu, and ram. I have a fairly recent video card (geforce 550 ti) and power supply (antec 550w). So I have come here for some advice. Any thoughts?
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Suave Peanut
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There's a thread for that!

It's most helpful, I just finished my own build with their guidance.
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- Asus P8P67 or a Z68 based motherboard (depending if you desire onboard graphics)

- i5 2500k cpu

- and DDR3 ram that is of a decent brand name. (G Skill, Corsair, etc)

If you check through the thread Suave Peanut linked, that's pretty much the setup you will see over and over for a reasonably priced, but solid gaming rig foundation.

I know Intel just released the latest cpu's as well, and I think there is a similar counterpart to the i5 2500k, so you might want to look into that one as well.
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First thing first, what is your budget, do you need a monitor/keyboard/case/mouse/etc?

It is really a rough time to build. Bulldozer was an utter dissapointment, the ivybridge stuff is out in april, and the piledriver stuff is out towards the end of the year/2013.

I can give you the best things to get now, but again, need to know your spending limit and what exactly you want/need?

Lastly, is it for PC gaming, or are you going to be doing some other stuff with it?
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Budget and intended use need to be established first.
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