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iOS Game Center Achievments

I'm slowing warming up to Game Center and have been replaying games to score achievements. What i can't stand are the ones that require you to buy extras to unlock the achiement.

There was a free game - think it was zombie jumber or something, you had to bounce a zombie on enemies and keep it in the air. it was free, it was fun and had achievments. There was a 50pt achievement for donating money to the developer.. really?

Playing Judge Dredd vs Zombies now and there is a 10pt cheevo called "Keys to Mega city: buy some credits" - lowest monetary amount is 1.99 to spend to get 10pt gc cheevo - really?

is there now standards for ios game center acheivments? i guess the same can be said for xbox or ps3.
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I am surprised at myself but I don't care about the iOS achievements. Something about them doesn't grab me the way the 360 achievements do. TBH I don't even know what the achievements are on most of my iOS games.
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