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Indie Spotlight: No More Room In Hell

Talk about a blast from the past. Some of you older types may recall a project called No More Room In Hell as one of the earliest announced mods for the Source engine. It was announced way back in 2004, when it was supposed to be the first zombie game on the engine. That was before Left 4 Dead hit the big time. According to RPS the project has been canceled and restarted a number of times over the years, with a recent flurry of activity leading to a beta which launches on Halloween, aka, Monday.

This new version centers around 8 player co-op, with branching objectives and a focus on semi-realism. For example, the HUD is pretty minimal, and you have to hit the reload button to see how many rounds are left in your weapon's clip. It still looks a lot like Left 4 Dead, but that's a function of a shared engine and cultural legacy. Since it's a non-commercial mod it will be available for free.

Source - No Room In Hell Official Site; RPS
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Yeah, I... hrm. A zombie game that wants to get my time that isn't L4D2 or Dead Island right now needs to look great. This looks okay, but not enough to run with that pack.

As a showcase of the talent of some modders, it could be valuable and I hope (if it's good) they get noticed. As a thing I actually will spend time playing, probably not.
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Starring John Goodman!
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That trailer was pretty neat, but I'm feeling pretty burned out on zombies at this point. They are the new World War II of videogames.
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Originally Posted by MagGnome View Post
That trailer was pretty neat, but I'm feeling pretty burned out on zombies at this point. They are the new World War II of videogames.
Hell, they're showing up IN our WW2 games!
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After this trailer I'm definitely interested in NMRIH.

Yeah, zombies are a bit more common these days then before Left 4 Dead, but IT'S FREE!
For years they spent some of their spare time on this project and it would be a shame if it dies as quickly as some of the other great, but dead HL2 mods out there.
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