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Originally Posted by Mike Kelehan View Post
Remember that some models are going to have 3G as well, which I really can't see catching on. An extra price added on to the system, PLUS extra fees from a provider, so I can game online on the bus? Thanks, but I'll just turn on my Android hotspot.
It is not likely that the 3G will be used for gaming, so there is a reasonable chance that it will have a Kindle-like setup, where you don't have a reoccurring fee for 3G.
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Originally Posted by Zero View Post
I have no real interest in the NGP, but not allowing multi over 3G sounds like the death of the 3G model. Who would buy that when a lot of people who would buy a NGP already probably own a smartphone that does all those social functions?
Kind of like why people pay up to $60 a year for those functions on a console when anyone who plays a 360 already owns a PC that does all of those social functions?
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Yeah, but at least they get multiplayer on 360. I'd certainly hope that no one would pay for xbox live if they couldn't do multiplayer.
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NGP = awesome but nothing that we probably didn't already assume I think.
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Originally Posted by Xydarc View Post
Sony could drop the price of PS+ to $1 a month and he'd still find a way to spin it in a negative light.
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