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Sentence Starter #15: Memorial Day

You have Monday off, Americans, so take a break from the bratwurst, contemplate your martial patriotism, and see what words can come up with.

Sentence starters are a fairly simple concept. I'll post a sentence. You write everything that follows that sentence. That's it. It's just flash fiction. Make it interesting. Make it compelling. Make it yours.
The suggested word count for this exercise is 400 words.

Memorial Day in America feels like the perfect opportunity to reflect on the combat experience that is the necessary adrenaline of so much fiction, especially the fiction consumed and produced by our gaming clan. Realism is something I have always tried for, but realism does not have to be the aim of this exercise. An old man and his memory -- an veteran perhaps who fought in the war, or a son who never knew his father because of it. What does his memorial mean?

Standing still as that bronze statue, he looked out past the memorial and the flag, into the far away past.
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