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Steam Version of Super Meat Boy Gets Super Meat World Today

The boys over at Team Meat have updated the Steam version of Super Meat Boy with the new Super Meat World update. This free update unlocks once you get 20 bandages and adds 8 new chapters and more than 140 new levels. Many of these new levels were designed by other developers who loved the game and wanted to take a crack at making their own Meat Boy levels. This brings the total number of levels in the Steam version to more than 500.

Team Meat hopes to get these new levels into the XBLA version of the game soon, but they need to go through Microsoft's certification process before the game can be updated.

To celebrate the update Super Meat Boy is half off on Steam, selling for only $7.49. SMB is also part of the awesome Potato Sack indie pack on Steam, which is on sale for 75% off, or $38.72. The Potato Sack bundle includes:

1...2...3... Kick It
AaAaAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Bit.Trip Beat
Defense Grid: The Awakening
Killing Floor
Super Meat Boy
The Ball
The Wonderful End of the World
Toki Tori

These are some of the best indie games of the past few years, and an amazing value in this bundle. If you already own some of the games on Steam you can gift these new versions to friends.

Source - Super Meat Boy blog
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I started up SMB yesterday and saw this new super meat world. I could enter it but couldn't do anything with it after that. I guess it'll be available today. I think I have 20 bandages...
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That looks... hard.
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deals, potato sack, steam, super meat boy, team meat

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