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New Co-Op Trailer for Hunted: The Demon's Forge

Another new trailer for Hunted: The Demon's Forge, from InXile Entertainment and Bethesda. Lots of gameplay footage, with an emphasis on the co-op play.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge will be released for the 360, PS3 and PC on May 31.
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I'm a shill for this stuff but I'm not impressed. But I am a shill.
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I played this at PAX and was polite to the girl guiding us through it because she was cute and kept rubbing her boobs against me. The game is awful. Graphics are dated and you can see seam lines in the background - possible that the pax version was not polished finished product but it still looked and played bad. There was a section where you had to go through a field of tall grass but had to stick to the path because of the invisible walls.

don't buy this game. rent and play with a friend if you must.
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I'll wait for the Steam sale.
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bethesda, hunted the demon's forge

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