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Old 04-28-2010, 10:03 AM   #21
Nailed It!
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The one (major) complaint I had about Avatar that James didn't touch on/glossed over is the fact that I knew exactly how the movie was going to go, excepting only a couple of small details, fifteen minutes in. (And once I saw the consciousness-transferring ritual the first time, I knew that was going to be the final scene.) Quite possibly the most predictable movie I've ever seen. Maybe part of that's due to how disgustingly one-dimensional nearly every character was, but it just seemed like the equivalent of reading someone's fanfic and realizing after six paragraphs that it's going to be a Wrath of Khan knockoff because this kid wants to show that he can write drama and death and shit like that (no, wait, that was actually my experience watching Nemesis, my bad).

Also sent in a large-ish email with a few thoughts on the current malaise. Me, I've been too busy with school to play much, never mind get tired of what I'm doing, plus I'm almost never playing the latest and greatest, so I've got that going for me.

Edit: Speaking of Mass Effect 2, I played the doctor's loyalty quest yesterday.

The first time I played it, I was slow on the Paragon action because I wanted to see how it played out. Holy shit, he fucking shot the kid. But I knew I had to go back and redo it, because of I had listened to all of our conversations about his motivations for the genophage, and his attempts to reconcile logic with guilt, and how he was trying to repent for past actions, and I felt like "my" Shepard would have processed that information then stepped in and reminded Solus of the same: she can be a remorseless killer when necessary, applying Spock logic to it after the fact ("the needs of the many..."), but if the same outcome can be achieved without bloodshed, she's still going to do that instead. Sure enough, that's precisely what happened when I pulled the trigger. But even though I didn't go with that initial ending to the mission, it was a really cool moment, seeing them go through with it, and having it make an impact like that. Seriously well-written game.
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Now time to see if the "Dress as Santa and come down your chimney" line works.

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I never really understood the amount of hate that Avatar garners. I've heard the complaints, and I acknowledge that many of them are valid. Ultimately, though, they don't matter to me. I saw the movie six times in theaters, each time with the same idiot grin--admittedly, I say this with a mix of pride and shame. I long ago took to calling myself an Avatard.

I don't know. The Going Native story has always been one of my favorite archetypes. The visuals blow me away. The musical score gets my blood going. Maybe I'm just weird, but the movie hits all the right buttons with me.

The only thing I really contest is that the characters are one-dimensional. I don't agree (though, as a four-year veteran of corporate retail, I feel confident in asserting that ALL people are one-dimensional). Each character fits a role, true, but it's appropriate. The movie plays out like a fairy-tale epic. You are bound to have character archetypes. Star Wars did the same. Scoundrel with a Heart of Gold. The Wise Mentor. The Evil Wizard. The Plucky Young Hero. All movies do it.

But to be fair, I've seen the movie seven times. Maybe I've had more opportunities to analyze the characters and see multiple motives guiding them through the story. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify my own unreasoning love for the movie. I'll let you guys decide. I'm gonna go watch some Battlestar.
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I watched Avatar on Blu-ray and I don't think that it lost anything compared to the 3D showing I saw at the cinema. Would certainly be interested on where you see 3D going from both a film and gaming perspective. I am still to be convinced of it's value, but concede that I may well end up being one of those people who thought films didn't need to be shown in colour. Avatar is certainly a great looking film, but I found the audio to be a bit more of a mixed bag. I really don't like Horner's re-using of cues. Everytime I heard one of them I kept expecting to see Vassili Zaitsev pop out and snipe a couple of Germans. I still didn't love it or hate it after the second watch.
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Count Elmdor
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I meant to post this as soon as the episode went up, but it's good to have you guys back! See you in the next thread...
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