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Eve Online

Anyone playing this right now? I just re-activated my account. Don't have time for any other mmo, so I've been running easy missions / keeping my training going when I have time. Not in any corp right now, and would love to join up with some friendly faces / learn more info cause I only played like 2 months before I quit last time.
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I had payed for 6 months and didn't even finish that, game gets boring and repetitive, just like all mmo.
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Inspector Fowler
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I eventually lost interest. It had a lot of things I really, really liked. I liked how your character kept "playing" when you logged off. I liked that you had 100% freedom to do or be whatever you wanted.

But there just wasn't enough to do at my level. I think if you were in a reaaaally big corporation and they had you doing all kinds of stuff all the time, the political stuff and the combat might be more interesting.

I gave it a pretty good shot, 3-4 months. But I ended up going back to WoW anyway.
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