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Double Rainbow?!
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Originally Posted by BigJonno View Post
I just searched for Silentscreams and found you easily enough. There were a couple with that name, but I could tell from your details and the CoG group membership that it was you.
Okay, nice. Thanks.
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Thx for the scarf, Sadie!
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I picked up General Knoxx in the crazy sale as well, though my Borderlands character isn't high enough to play that content yet. I'd be willing to get together to play through lower level stuff, though.
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Pure Passion
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I haven't played in ages, and I'm of a low rank, so the missions I'm on shouldn't be too tough for newbies. I enjoyed the game, but gamespy's voice chat is HORRIBLE. I know we've done Skype before for the chat, and disabled in game chat. Alas no DLC here either, AniAko on gamespy, AniAko on steam
Pure Passion
Ann Knee ACHE Oh

Originally Posted by Bone
Awesome. You really captured the wangy-ness of it
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Terribad at game
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I need to get in with some of you guys. I tried to enjoy this game on my own and with pubs, and I just couldn't get into it.
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I will play... if i can find time
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Originally Posted by J Arcane View Post
So now we're positing that the deliberate stagnation of technology is a good thing? Hardware makers should just stop making new shit why, exactly? Because you're too cheap to buy a new card every few years?
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Just finished the intro stuff on a new berserker. Playing now, and probably off and on all weekend. Send me a message on Steam and we'll coordinate. (Or if you're not on Steam for some strange reason, My GameSpy id again is WarmMachineME.)
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