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I can't wait for this game.
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Originally Posted by Talon View Post
Not to call you out, mate, but I seem to recall you getting particularly excited about a Bayonetta teaser...

I sort of agree with you, especially considering the preponderance of announcements of announcements in this day and age. Still, I'm a fan of developers piquing my interest.
Yeah, that's why I couldn't be as forceful as I would have liked to have been in my post. I get caught up in the hype as well, from time to time. That's not to say that my feelings for Bayonetta haven't been soured by the recent rumblings, because they have. I didn't know how slutty the game was going to be...

But, yes, the policy of announcing announcements and creating franchises is something is something I despise. I didn't want BioShock to become a franchise. I wanted to see a new game from the same team, which is why I'm looking forward to 2K Boston's next project. And, from what I've seen and heard of Dead Space, I wouldn't like a sequel in that universe either. I'd prefer to see the same team invent a similarly interesting world, narrative, and mechanic in a future game.
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