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Army of Two: The 40th Day Developer Q&A [360/PS3/PSP]

A little over a month ago we asked the community to come up with some questions for the developers of the upcoming Army of Two: The 40th Day game. Finally we got the answers back and here they are from Producer Matt Turner.

CoG: What changes, if any, are in development for the upgrades system that makes the sequel different/better than the original and will there be more than just gold plating upgrades?

Matt Turner, Producer: We’ve really blown out the weapons upgrade system. We’re equating it to lego with guns. Any part of any gun can be combined with any other part (of which there are hundreds) to build your crazy Frankenstein gun that represents you in the shooter space. There are special parts and guns that can only be found in certain ways in the world which allow for awesome variety and uniqueness. As far as we know there is nothing as robust as this out there at the moment- and hopefully it will stay that way until we ship.

CoG: Will multiplayer be region locked like the first game?

MT: No. If you live in San Diego and want to play with your buddy in Paris, you can- it doesn’t matter if you have an NTSC or PAL version of the game.

CoG: What new tasks will the duo be able to accomplish together outside of the tag teams from the first game?

MT: I think you’re talking about the specific COOP moves that the players are able to execute. Well, we’re keeping all the classics and adding a few new ones as well as changing the way we present them. We’re calling it the COOP Playbook and it’s a suite of moves that the players can execute whenever they want however they see fit. The suite includes new moves like the mock surrender, enemy tagging and hostage holds to name a few.

CoG: Will the bosses be different from the first game where it was basically normal guys with tons of armor and one weak spot? Will there be strategy instead of just using flanking?

MT: We’re staying away from the ‘boss’ idea. There will be new and improved heavy soldiers but no ‘bosses’ to speak of. Our world is a little closer to reality and there is no real place for super powered bosses. We’re focusing on making an interesting and dynamic AI that moves, feels, looks and sounds like a real military enemy would. The challenge will be in taking out groups of intelligent, tactical soldiers that have all the same tools you do rather than shooting a mutated beast in the chest 3 times with the Magical Crossbow of Light when it falls over from fatigue after running around for 32.7 seconds.

CoG: Will any of the weapons and cash from our saved games in the original move to the new game? If not, how will they explain what happened to all the cash and gold weapons?

MT: There will definitely be rewards for having a saved game from Army of Two on your profile. However the guns and cash you had at the end of the game won’t carry over. The story of the sequel picks up long enough after the first one ends for those to go bye-bye. I don’t want to get into it and spoil the story but let’s just say the new story puts you out of touch with all of that.

Thank you for your time in answering these questions our community came up with. Army of Two: The 40th Day is due out later this year on 360, PS3 and PSP.
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Hey they answered my question!

No bosses = Definite buy.

You know, Rios shaves his pits. Only wrestlers, swimmers, and gay porn stars do that.

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Woo, they answered mine too, and with what I wanted to hear! No region locking, thank FUCK for that. Will probably pick this up then, I really enjoyed the co-op in the first.

Though I'm worried now, as I also shave my pitts, I'm too weak to wrestle, swimming is a big no no for me.... I'd really rather not take up the last option as a career move...
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Can't say that I was every interested in this one (never had a want to play the first one), but after reading this, consider my interest piqued.
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Bleh... Didn't use my question about the bromance. I know they toned it down though. That's reason for me to wait actually.
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