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Thx for the scarf, Sadie!
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[Episode 76] Immortal Machines 2016 Edition

You might have noticed, dear listener, that the first cast of 2015 was also the last cast of 2015. Weíre sorry about that. I wonít pretend that I can make amends, but we wanted to talk about games, because it has been a long time. So we talked about games. Well, Steve and I talked about games. Would you like to listen? We would love to have you listen.

What did we talk about? A bunch of stuff. Itís Steveís turn to be bummed out about gaming this episode, so I tried to drag him back from the brink. Heís been playing too much Far Cry, is the problem. You might remember, if you have a long memory, that in the last episode we asked about the various Far Cry themes that were on the table; they didnít take our old Far Cry On The Moon idea, which is a shame, but we did almost get Far Cry With Dinosaurs out of it, so thereís that. Some series have too many games in them, and you donít need to play them all, is the moral of this story.

We summarize 2015 a bit, and briefly discuss its most memorable game. (What was it? Find out inside!) We look forward to the year ahead, and speculate about VR and remote play and whether the next Resident Evil game will be any good. (No.) Thereís lots of other random tidbits in there too, because we are a wordy duo. We hope youíll enjoy it.

A brief note Ė at time of recording, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 did not include microtransactions. Now it does. Thanks for making me a dirty liar, EA. Still a good game, though.

OH! And you should get SUPERHOT. (Super. Hot. Super. Hot.) Everybody should do that.

Who knows what the future holds, but here we are, friends. Please, get cozy for the first? last? Immortal Machines 2016 Edition.

Hosted and Summarized by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are Steve [Dukefrukem] and the ghosts of James, Robert and Clayton. Listen, you can hear them in the background. (I kid! Theyíre fine! Probably.)
Produced by Eric [Ravenlock] (sorry in advance)

(Have you followed our Twitter feed? Thatís a thing you could do.)

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Now I have a longer commute I could get into these, once I figure out how to download the thing!
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Thx for the scarf, Sadie!
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On iOS I'm quite fond of the Overcast podcast app. Not sure what the best option is on Android, but I'm sure there are several good ones. We're in most of the podcast directories, once you've got something installed.

Or you can always just use the links in the post to stream it directly to your phone's browser.
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Listen to me rant on the Immortal Machines PC Gaming Podcast!
I also run Erratic Gamer, and sometimes write about games there.
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°Ay dios mio!
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I'm quite fond of Pocket Casts on Android.

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The Witchiest
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Nice, didn't realize you guys were still doing the the podcast. You'll have to let me know next time you record... hopefully I'll have my own personal Oculus Rift by then and we can discuss VR in more detail.
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