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Prey's Character Trailer Weaponizes Puns

Just so Yu know, the main character in Bethesda's semi-rebooted Prey is named Morgan Yu. And they are going to build as many puns (or wordplay) around that gag as Yu can handle. It's like someone turned Kieron Gillen's twitter feed into a virus, and set it loose on a space station.

Prey launches May 5. Get Yu some.
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So, I see that the title of the video is a pun, but was there anything beyond that? I mean, they say "you" a ton in this video, but I felt like it was all in good faith and not intentionally being a pun. Shrug.

This felt like it had a lot of light spoilers in it. On the other hand, I had pretty much no interest in the game before this and it kind of intrigued me. Damned if you, damned if you don't, I guess.
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