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Originally Posted by Farsight View Post
The life expectancy of Americans is among the lowest of developed countries, and is falling annually.

The US likely has the worst health care of any developed nation. Especially due to making it so expensive that only the rich can afford to get sick.
This is certainly your opinion. And I don't necessarily disagree. But there definitely are people who do disagree and many many many more who have disagreed in the past. This make muddi's statement hogwash.
Originally Posted by biosc1 View Post
The US has excellent healthcare, it just isn't available to everyone.
Right. So people who it is available to, or who it has been available to before, or who have traveled to the US for healthcare services probably at some point said that the Americans have good healthcare.
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Mot Wakorb
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If this conversation wishes to continue, it goes to P&R.

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