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Season 11, Episode 09

We still havenít played a Switch at the following link.

I once again find myself in that wonderful situation where thereís just a lot to be played and more on the way. Iím 3 missions shy of finishing up Sniper Elite 4, Iím just starting to sink my teeth into Horizon Zero Dawn. My special edition Zelda order finally showed up Saturday. Last Guardian is STILL on the shelf for me waiting to really be played, and then Destiny is doing itís final big update for the game at the end of the month.

My cup runneth over.

While Iím only listing a few games here, both Horizon, Zelda, and Destiny to some extent are MASSIVE games that will require a lot of my time to finish them. I put Destiny in there out of my own self admitted addiction I have whenever they give me a record book or new stuff to do. Give me the challenge and a list to tick it all off with and youíve got me by the short hairs.

Zelda is actually really intimidating waiting this long to get around to playing it. Reading the massive amount of praise itís getting and knowing how massive a game it actually is - youíre a little nervous to make the leap into it. Well, I am, anyway. My only experience of Zelda was Wind Waker and it was marvelous for me. I loved it and I havenít been excited for another Zelda since then until Breath Of The Wild came about (maybe a little excitement for Link Between Worlds - which I also havenít played).
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