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Originally Posted by Philonious View Post
I wasn't just talking about giving up on Japan: Microsoft used to be a more interesting publisher. I suspect that the people who were pushing the Xbox One as a media platform were also responsible for streamlining publishing to focus entirely on action blockbusters. Regardless, their catalog got a little stale once they became the market leader.
What about Scalebound and Sea of thieves? They are pretty interesting. Recore was a swing and a miss unfortunately...But at least it was an attempt at something different.

I do think they are losing the console war because they are too focused on the miscrosoft studios portfolio...But some of the questionable moves they made, letting go of Titanfall and COD DLC exclusives, have proven to be good moves. Both Titanfall and COD are struggling this year in sales.
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Anyone running Plex on their XBox one? My app hasn't been able to connect to my server for weeks now. I've rebooted, etc. All other devices in the house (PS4, Roku, iPad, etc) work just fine.

Edit: Solution is here - https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/com...lex_hangs_xb1/

You just need to go to your Plex server and remove XBox as a device (I had two instances of it, so I assume it was causing an issue). Then re-link your Xbox and it works.

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You could try streaming through the media player app over DLNA

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Originally Posted by Jeffool View Post
I think it's the collective form of the noun, actually.
"What's an anonymous group of assholes called?"
"An Internet."
Originally Posted by pronounconnoun View Post
taint = slippery slope

Got it. Thanks.
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xbox rulz

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