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Texas is pretty standard: Beer anywhere (depending on the county, this may not include convenience stores) until midnight (1 AM on Saturday) on any day, Liquor until 9. No liquor on Sunday because Jesus. Bars close at 2 AM.

The Sunday thing's a rip, but I can think of 8 places a mile from me that can get you a margarita on Sundays. Well, 7. Property taxes closed another one down at the very end of December.
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Pennsylvania is supposedly the second worst in the country for accessibility to booze with Utah being #1. In PA:
-All liquor and wine is sold via State stores that aren't open on Sundays or past 8 or 9 pm on other days except about 4 months ago, the State started to allow Wegman's grocery stores to sell wine. I think the volume of alcohol that can be sold to a person per visit is capped at 4 bottles though.
-Up until 5 years or so ago, all take home beer purchases had to be purchased through licensed beer distributors that sold only beer, soda and select snacks. Beer could only be purchased as a full case. They had similar hours of operation to the State run liquor stores. About 5 years ago, Wegman's was allowed to sell beer, up to (2) six packs per person per visit and sales had to end at some point in the mid evening. The reason being was they changed the law to allow limited alcohol sales at grocers/restaurants that offered on-site food consumption and Wegman's offered that. More recently, other grocers have started adding small dining sections to be allowed to sell beer. Those beer sales have to occur at separate registers and be displayed next to where the on-site food consumption occurs.
-With that said, PA still only offers licenses to sell alcohol on a per population basis. The more populous a town, the more business' they'll allow to apply for (an expensive) license to sell. Often times, when a town is maxed out and a bar or restaurant business with a license fails, the owners can sell the failed business for a lot of money because the liquor license transfers with the ownership. Then the new ownership can switch their name to the license they just bought, close down the business they bought and start up their own business elsewhere...the acquiring of the license is the goal in buying out the failed company.
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