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Dated - Prey

Bethesda and Arkane Studios' reinvention of Prey will be released May 5 on the PS4, XB1 & PC. In Prey you play as Morgan Wu, a worker on a space station who has been unknowingly subjected to biohack experiments. Oh, and there are freaky ink-like aliens, too.

According to the developers, this Prey has no formal links to the Prey from many years back, or the aborted version of Prey 2 that Human Head studios worked on for Bethesda earlier in the decade.
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I guess Prey is a pretty cool name for a video game?
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Looks cool. Oddly enough since it's not Prey, I don't really like the branding but I'll get over it.
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I never played Prey but I find the branding a bit of a misfire.

Still I'm liking the look of the game

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Looks good, no complaints. Probably (an overly optimistic) Day 1 purchase, but I have a bit of a soft spot for the 'Isolated in Space' genre.
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I could use a new Dead Space after watching this, only not like 3.
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