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J Arcane
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Valve's working on wearable computing: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012...ble-computing/
I no longer have interest in a forum where I am routinely insulted over a period of years and then sanctioned and insulted further for defending myself.
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The Iron Weasel
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Originally Posted by MagGnome View Post
The thought of Apple and Valve getting all snuggly makes me feel queasy.
When I read that I felt as close to molested as I ever have in my life.
Don't you hate pants?
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Elephant Bug
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Originally Posted by TheKeck View Post
Hmmm that's decent. However, I have neither the love for Blizzard nor the hate for Activision that I do for Valve and Apple. Not even close.
Fair enough but I can't think of any other big merger/partnerships that would get the hate/love mixing together. (I am sure there is something out there.)
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Useless Input
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Originally Posted by Viola
"In the nude... I see everything."
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Originally Posted by muddi900 View Post
That is a bullshit business-speak for we don't know why this doesn't sell!
Normally, I would agree with you, but look at the marketing for Apple TV. There isn't any. Now look at the marketing for other Apple products.

They may very well be confused or rudderless in this space, I'll give you that, however they also have never made an active push with it on the level of their other products. The only people that know AppleTV even exists are people that already own anther Apple product.
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