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[Episode 57] A Kick(start) in the Rear

So its been a little while since I hosted an episode; apparently I go away for a month or so and the whole damn world changes. We just talk about the games we would like to see, now, and we all get together and give each other money, and eventually we hope the games get made, I guess. That’s just the way it works now. Want a new adventure game from Tim Schafer? So do 87,000 other people chip in and get it done. How about a Star Trek-inspired space roguelike? Got you covered. A sequel to Wasteland? Done. A new Shadowrun game by the original designer? Coming right up. A spiritual successor to Rainbow Six? Thats over here. Space combat? Yes, of course. A Zombie sandbox FPS with huge multiplayer ambitions? You want this one. Even Al Lowe is bringing back Leisure Suit Larry, for crying out loud. What were the odds of that?

So, yeah. I dont understand anything anymore, but niche gamer wish fulfillment has literally become a free-for-all overnight. Just figure out what type of game a corner of the internet has been lamenting not having for 10 years or more, make a Kickstarter, put on your most convincing Ill make your dreams come true face for the pitch video, and watch the dollars pour in. Well, sometimes. As well be discussing, sometimes you barely make it. Sometimes you dont make it at all. And who knows if any actual games come out of all this. But its a brave new world, and spoilers! one of our own is jumping in feet first with a Kickstarter of their own. Youll have to listen to find out who. (I lied. Its J_Arcane! And this is his game: Hulks & Horrors! You should listen, though.)

I did promise in the course of the recording to toss out some links, so here they are:
- The Dwarf Fortress Lazy Newb Pack (every time, Daniel. Every time.)
- The Neverending Indie Thread right here on CoG
- What Would Moly Deux? The Peter Molyneux Game Jam.

As we are wont to do, we talked a long time, so Id best let you get to listening. Lets give this thing A Kick(start) in the Rear.

Hosted and Summarized by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are James F*** Your Dreams I Want Pie [Vigil80], Daniel [danielOut, also of fiftycal.net] and the no-longer-anonymous John [J_Arcane] of Bedroom Wall Press!
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

(Have you followed our Twitter feed? Thats a thing you could do. And of course we hope you'll come talk about the episode in the discussion thread.)

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