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Originally Posted by Narradisall View Post
I just envision them adding a cut scene where Joker lands and everyone hops onto the Normandy.

"Sheppards dead!"
Joker: "Fuck this, we're getting out of here! To the relay!"
"But what about the fleet? The reapers? Earth?"
Joker: "I've got my sex bot, I'll take my chances."

It bugged me that no matter how you sliced it (unless Hackett ordered them to go/sounded the retreat), if the Normandy's jump was contemporaneous with the relays exploding, the Normandy had to have been fleeing the battle. Nobody knew what Shepard was up to on the Citadel/Crucible at that point. Ah but I should keep this in the ME3 Spoilers thread.

Joker didn't even have his sex bot in my ending, poor guy; he magically scooped up Kaidan and Garrus from where they were lying (in what I can only presume were pieces) near the Reaper beam.
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