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Dated - Civilization 5: Gods & Kings Expansion

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2K Games and Firaxis have announced that Gods and Kings, the first retail expansion for Civilization V, will be released on June 19. Gods and Kings brings religion and espionage back to the game in a big way. You also get new civs, new world leaders, new units and new types of city states.

  • Expanded Epic Game: The core game experience has been greatly expanded with the addition of new technologies, 27 new units, 13 new buildings and nine new Wonders.
  • New Civilizations and Leaders: The expansion features nine new civilizations including Carthage, the Netherlands, the Celts and the Mayans, each with unique traits, units and buildings. Gods & Kings also adds nine new leaders including William I, Prince of Orange, Boudicca and Pacal the Great.
  • New Game Scenarios: Three new scenarios let gamers experience the medieval period, the fall of Rome, and embark on a new adventure in Empires of the Smoky Skies, a Victorian science-fiction scenario.
  • The Return of Religion: A first for Civilization V, players seek out Faith, choosing a Pantheon of the Gods and creating Great Prophets to found and spread their customized religion across the world.
  • World Domination: The fight for world domination is more dynamic than ever. Gods & Kings features a reworked combat system and AI that places more emphasis on a balanced army composition. Additionally, the navy is now split into two different ship types, melee and ranged, making coastal cities vulnerable to a surprise naval attack.
  • Enhanced Diplomacy and Espionage: Establish embassies at foreign courts for closer ties or clandestine operations. As the religions of the world start settling in and the world moves into the Renaissance, spies can be unlocked to establish surveillance of foreign cities, steal advanced technologies from your strongest competitors, or garner influence with City-States through election rigging, or even a coup.
  • City-States: Two new city-state types have been added, Mercantile and Religious, adding new gameplay to a greatly expanded quest system to further the narrative of the game and making diplomatic victories more challenging.
You have to own the base Civilization V game to play Gods & Kings. No price has been announced.
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Fuck yes. Civ V is my first Civ game, but it's pulled me in all the way. With the GOTY edition and the time that's passed, I figured they were done putting out content. So glad I was wrong.

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Originally Posted by TrackZero View Post
Fuck yes. Civ V is my first Civ game, but it's pulled me in all the way. With the GOTY edition and the time that's passed, I figured they were done putting out content. So glad I was wrong.
Not terribly surprising if you include Colonization as a Civ 4 expansion.

Civ 4 came out late 2005. Warlords middle of 2006. BTS middle of 2007 and Colonization middle of 2008.
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doesn't every expansion pack after the release of the new iteration feature these same exact features... down to the same new civilizations?

if not, well, it sure feels like it.

not exactly a bad thing of course, but i was sort of hoping for... something new. i would feel like i just bought the civ4/3 expansion pack iterations if i bought this..
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I posted a news story about this on the front page back in February. I'm glad to see a date has been announced.
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I had a brief Civ 5 relapse a month or so ago. Then I went back and played some Civ 4, which reminded me of a bunch of the aspects they cut out of the game, some of which will be added back in with this expansion. I'm looking forward to it, as I should be ready for another Civ kick about then.
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civilization 5, gods and kings

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