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Zipper Interactive is no more

Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm the closure of Zipper Interactive, a Seattle-based internal game development studio that has been part of the global development operation of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS).

The closure is a result of a normal cycle of resource re-alignment within SCE WWS. Zipper has completed all work associated with its most recent project, Unit 13 for PlayStation Vita. Zipper titles MAG, SOCOM 4 and Unit 13 will continue to be supported, including the new Daily Challenges in Unit 13.
I loved Socom this blows

Also on another not is this the first studio they have closed in a while?
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I wondered what that faint screaming noise was. Turns out it was an old work friend of mine who loves SOCOM.
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Damn shame, Unit 13 has been a lot of fun.
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Didn't play Unit 13 beyond the demo but I am planning on picking it up at some point when it drops a wee bit. Did enjoy what I played. Sucks for those involved. Never got into Socom, personally.
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Originally Posted by MalReynolds View Post
I loved Socom this blows
SOCOM has been hit-or-miss for a long time now. Fireteam Bravo 3 is darn good, but it's a Slant Six title. Zipper hasn't ever managed to recreate the magic that was the original SOCOM. Lightning in a bottle, that was.
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I blame my parents
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Sucks for the people who lost their jobs but I've never personally bought a Zipper title. Weird to see Sony shutting down first party studios though. At least move them to Vita or something.
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