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[Rumor] Who's Up For An Elder Scrolls MMO?

Today's hot rumor comes from Tom's Guide, who claim that an Elder Scrolls MMO is in fact deep in development at Bethesda. Tom's anonymous sources further say that the game would be set a millennium before the events of Skyrim. According to the Elder Scrolls wiki, that would put it in the Second Era of Tamriel, which predates the founding of the Empire which was at the center of all previous Elder Scrolls titles. The rumor goes on to say that the game will likely be announced in May, with more info coming at E3 in June and QuakeCon in August.

So, do we buy it? Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media has been hiring people for what appears to be an MMO for years now, but that doesn't specifically mean it would be an Elder Scrolls MMO. It could be a Fallout MMO or a new IP altogether. Rumors of an Elder Scrolls MMO have been swirling ever since the MMO market hit big back in the mid 2000s, but that's as much a point against the rumor as one for it. An MMO could be a huge hit, but even if it wasn't it would likely mean the end of non-MMO Elder Scrolls titles for the foreseeable future.

Then there's the market. Right now there are - for all intents and purposes - only two subscription based MMOs in operation: World of Warcraft and Star Wars The Old Republic. Would TES MMO go the old route of being a sub-based game, or would they try to position themselves as the first truly huge F2P MMO?

Right now I'd rate this rumor as 'plausible'. The pieces all seem to fit together, and there's no obvious competition for such a game on the horizon.

Sources - Tom's Guide; RPS
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