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New Alan Wake: American Nightmare Trailer

The live-action, gameplay-less trailer can be a very effective marketing tool. For many games it's a great idea, particularly ones heavy on the story. But releasing one just a week before the game's launch may not be the best idea. The new trailer for Alan Wake: American Nightmare eschews gameplay for a quick look at the game's antagonist Mr. Scratch. You get the sense that he's a sadistic but fun loving killer, which is everything the hero isn't. But is it enough to push fencesitting gamers into buying the game? That's I'm not too sure of.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare will be released February 22 on XBLA for 1200 MSP/$15.
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I have serious, reservations about this game. It almost looks like a complete 180 from the original title (however, the fact AW:AN is independent of the first game does allay issues a little). Seriously, look at the box art for the two: the original title art is dark and moody; the new box art for the second game resembles a shot of "Ash" from Evil Dead.
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How can he be Mr. Scratch when he doesn't even have the scratch/bandage?
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That's I'm not too sure of. ? Me either, whatever that is.
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