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First Images of Battlefield's Battlelog Program

The first images for Battlelog, EA's stat tracking and social networking utility for Battlefield 3 were leaked today. Fan site Battlefieldo grabbed the images off of the German BF3 page, but the images were quickly taken down. It shows a few glimpses of the sort of deep stats you'll be able to pour over, and the social networking available to get co-op and multiplayer games organized.

While Battlelog may seem like something EA initiated in response to the CoD Elite announcement, it goes back further than that. EA has been running a similar stat tracking and social networking system called Autolog for their Need For Speed games for a few years now. A Sportslog is supposedly in the works for the major EA Sports titles.

EA has not announced a formal launch for Battlelog, probably because they haven't even officially announced the service yet.

Battlefield 3 will be released on October 25 for the 360, PS3 & PC.

Sources Battlefieldo; PC Gamer; Eurogamer
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To be fair the Battlefield franchise has had decent browser based stats tracking for years. Not as in depth as this though.
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Bungie proved from Halo 2 onwards that multiplayer FPS stat tracking is something that gamers really enjoy, though I've not seen any system that's quite as in depth as the H3/Reach tracking. I fully expect CoD Elite and BF3's trackers to make it to the iPhone and Android much like Bungie did (it's actually far faster to pull the list of stats up on the phone than it is to go to the site, log in and navigate to the system)

Edit: I hope those medal/gun icons are only placeholders since they're all taken right from BC2. New shiny please.
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These kinds of things are cool and have been around for years and years, on both the PC and the console. They are interesting to look at, but I never really go back to them after an initial browse-through.
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I was really hoping for a full out builtin guild management and ladder tracking system... that's sort of the only evolution required out of BF2 imo. This just looks like BFFB, battlefield facebook.
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