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Thx for the scarf, Sadie!
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[Episode 47] Gaslamp Games and Dungeons of Dredmor

If I were to tell you that a commercial roguelike was in development with a full, aesthetically pleasing UI, point-and-click controls, tons of custom art and a wicked sense of humor, what would you say? Would you say ďsign me up?Ē How about if I told you that in this game, you might learn the dread secrets ofÖ The Cave of Poodles?

Sounds like a Monty Python sketch gone horribly awry, perhaps, but Dungeons of Dredmor is quite real, and very soon youíll be able to play it for yourself. For this episode we were very happy to welcome David Baumgart and Nicholas Vining of Gaslamp Games, to talk about their labor of love and its lengthy but frequently hilarious development process. Learn the secret connection between Gaslamp Games and Media Molecule! Discover what roguelikes and pinball games have to do with one another! Learn what the Hell ďEuropa BarbarorumĒ is! (Sure, you could just click the link, but whereís the fun in that?) Listen to sordid tales of hoarded vegetables!

All this and more await you within. Seriously, David and Nicholas are a fun pair of guys, you donít want to miss this. We also gave away a copy of the game, so, you know, maybe you won. Might as well find out.

Join us! The Dungeons of Dredmor await.

Hosted and summarized by Eric [Ravenlock]
Participants are James [Vigil80], Robert [Trebor], and David & Nicholas from Gaslamp Games
Produced by Clayton [Voodoo]

(Have you followed our Twitter feed? Thatís a thing you could do.)

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Thx for the scarf, Sadie!
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I do, by the way, know that the enemies in Dead Space are necromorphs, not xenomorphs. I dunno what was going on there.
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Grats to the winner by the way.

And dudes. Its just Lekon. It can be prounounced however the hell you like. I usually use an e as in "meh", but the name is originally a series of random letters I rolled up to generate my Seer name when I worked for Origin Systems on UO.

Also, those Gaslamp games guys are nuts. Now I really want to see the game.
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Thx for the scarf, Sadie!
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[IndieCast] A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda

Itís no secret that I love throwback action games. I write about them all the time in the Free and Worth Every Penny column here on CoG, and an absurd percentage of the purchases Iíve made from XBox Live Arcade or the Indie channel on Steam have been games that could have come from the late 80ís or early 90ís, except for a nice new coat of polish.

So it should be no surprise that when a sidescrolling shooter in the vein of Abuse and the SNES Mega Man games showed up on my radar, I was excited to try it out. A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda takes its cues from a lot of different sources, and the result is a tight little game that feels nostalgic in some ways, and modern in others. Itís got a very nice look, addictive upgrade and high-score mechanics, tight controls, and HUGE bosses to take down thatíll remind you of some of the best 2D action classics. Itís also $10 on Steam, which seems pretty reasonable.

So thatís what Robert, James and I are talking about this time around. If youíd like to hear more, come on in. The waterís fine.

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No, not the writer!
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Very good to hear this episode (the main one). It was refreshing as all hell to hear an actual human being discuss games rather then some publisher robot who isn't allowed to answer questions. I have never played nor even know what a rogue-like is, but I plan on picking it up when "distributors are discussed".
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